I’m a big fan of Hugo Boss not really sure why. The suits are all pretty much carbon copies of every other suit on the rack. There is only so, much side pleats you can have on a suit. Maybe it’s just the brand style or the fact that they sponsor race car drivers, but in any case Hugo Boss is my go to suit maker (when i can afford to buy multiple suits).

This equity salesman is rushing out of the office to head to the airport to fly from SFO to LAX to sell  a high net worth client a new batch of a securities. This youthful looking suit is great for the office, but the business suit is the one below, the look of satisfaction, and the lack of happiness of not getting the 100k bonus,


Suit, $1,145 by Hugo. Shirt, $285 by Bespoken. Tie, $130 by Band of Outsiders. Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Belt by J.Crew

(above) Suit, $1,145 by Hugo. Shirt, $285 by Bespoken. Tie, $130 by Band of Outsiders. Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Belt by J.Crew Photo by GQ


(above) No data available, Photo by GQ


These Ermenegildo Zegna are very expensive this family owned business has been running for generation, and even makes the Gucci suits you see in stores. The suits above are thin pinstripe, which are not my taste, but look good on some people. The suit are obviously well-made, and have a two buttons design, and a standard notch collar from what i can tell.

The boys job descriptions are most likely all new traders making about $150K a year in bonus, and just  participated as a group in some insider trading over a new biotech company who trials fail.


Here are some of the suits i could find from New York Fashion Week. I couldn’t find much information mostly because they were candid shots.

DKNY Spring/Summer '12

DKNY Spring/Summer ’12

I work for a large financial firm, and a part-time model because i am really good looking. The suit looks good, and the sunglasses add a couple extra ego points.

New York; September 7, 2012

New York; September 7, 2012

My is my I really like the tie, and the pocket square is a nice touch. I would have actually worn a plain white shirt to match the tie, and the pocket square because the blue is too much…red, black, white, and then blue. He is waiting for his town car to arrive, but is checking out the latest analyst report.

New York; September 6, 2012

New York; September 6, 2012

Now that is a tightly fitted suit judging by the collars, but it’s a good looking suit. The suit on the other hand makes my eyes hurt, but other than that. This guy is probably heading out to a client meeting downtown, and had to stop by to see the models.

The good looking guy to the right of picture is a perfect example of a young guy with “The Look”, and especially after getting off his yacht. Most likely a Harvard educated guy working the bond desk at the CitiBank NYC office after trading Greece debt. Needing a break from the stressful day so, he, and his trust fund friend decided to go on his bonus check purchased yacht.

Ralph Lauren will run you about $1500 to $2300 which is quite expensive in the fact you could go get a custom made suit instead of a fitted one for around the same price’s. I couldn’t find any suit details mostly likely an older line. The suit is very nice although i would have gone with a lined pattern shirt or solid white one. Also this a thin solid color tie, and especially a belt for $1500 this guy doesn’t own a belt.

This blog is dedicated to the the world of fashion in the realm of finance. If you live in a large city that’s a financial hub (I’m in SF) you tend to see young rich professionals that look like a stereotype. Young guys that walk around in a three piece suit that seem to have come out of a cookie cutter mold.

So i plan on posting pictures of people that i see around town or that i find online, and i will try to get information on what they might be wearing too.

Enjoy the blog.